!!!English Mafia Club HALLOWEEN 2013!!!

Dear Mafiosi and all our associates!

English Mafia Club presents our annual Halloween party!!! This year we play Mafia, Monopoly, Activity, Scrabble and many other English games!

Those of you dressed in scary costumes will have a possibility to get a Halloween face-art service and a photo-session afterwards.

Time: October 29, 2013 (TUESDAY) starting at 18:45

Place: Bochka Pub on Khreshatik; 19A, Khreshatik st. (20 second walk from metro Khreshatik)
Dress-code: Halloween dress optional

Entry: (includes all the fun and a drink):

80 UAH in advance
100 UAH at the door

This will be different from our regular Mafia events you are used to attending, with really great people, super games and a LOT of fun in between! You badly need to attend this party or you will be missing out on one of our best annual events!

Our photographer has already prepared their “gun” and looks forward to shooting you in your creative outfit with our cool and scary Mafiosi!

See photo and video reports of our “boring” previous Halloween events here:http://englishmafiaclub.com/halloween-2012.html

So, are you in??!!


Хочу пойти Стоимость 20грн.

График: Единоразово

Организатор: English Mafia Club

Место проведения: Bochka Pub on Khreshatik; 19A, Khreshatik st. (20 second walk from metro Khreshatik)

Контактное лицо: Eugene Bazhenov +38zero67402eight120 EnglishMafiaClub[at]gmail.com

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